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Stainless Steel Series

Asuwaris fitting systems are standard built-in accessories of all Asuwaris cubicles and are manufactured by Asuwaris. They are made from heavy-duty anti-static nylon which is highly resistant to wear-and-tear and cleaning solutions with diluted acidic content. These systems are designed to enable pre-engineering and pre-assembling in factories. This allows easy and fast installation on site, resuting in reduced labour costs.

  • A107 Lock Set
  • A109 Lock Set
  • A110 Gravity Hinges
  • A111 Coat Hook Cum Door Step
  • A112 Toilet Paper Holder
  • A113 Split Hinges
  • A115 Shoe
  • A125 Leg
  • A126 Aluminium Leg
  • A127 L-Bracket
  • A216 Lock Set
  • A326 Thumbturn
  • A402 Coat Hook
  • A515 Door Knob

Note: Stainless steel accessories are of grade 304. For all stainless steel range of accessories, toilet should wash & clean before installation to avoid staining by acid cleaning.

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