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Nylon Series

Asuwaris fitting systems are standard built-in accessories of all Asuwaris cubicles and are manufactured by Asuwaris. They are made from heavy-duty anti-static nylon which is highly resistant to wear-and-tear and cleaning solutions with diluted acidic content. These systems are designed to enable pre-engineering and pre-assembling in factories. This allows easy and fast installation on site, resulting in reduced labour costs.

  • A101 Adjustable Leg Support
  • A102 Coat Hook
  • A103 Toilet Roll-Holder
  • A104 Door Knob
  • A105 Hinges
  • A106 Door Lock
  • A116 Adjustable Leg Suppport
  • A117 Coat Hook
  • A119 Door Lock
  • A121 Hinges
  • A122 L-Bracket
  • A123 L-Bracket
  • A131 "T" Connector
  • A132 "L" Connector
  • A133 End Connector
  • A134 Head Rail Connector

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